Amazon Finally Reveals Their Drone Technology In A Video Starring Jeremy Clarkson

If you’re a frequent Amazon Prime shopper then you should be quite excited about the company’s latest developments in delivery technology. Since 2013, Amazon has hinted that their shipments will eventually be handled via drone. Over the past three years, not much has been revealed about the project. However, concrete news finally hit on Sunday when Amazon gave us a complete look into their new delivery system in a video starring British entertainer and former host of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson.

Jeremy treats us to a bit of humor as he explains how the drones can be extremely helpful when you need something delivered in a really short amount of time, a 30-minute window to be exact. The process is shown over a familiar situation detailing a mom that needs to replace her daughter’s soccer cleats right before a big game.

With a simple swipe on a tablet, the mom places an Amazon order and within minutes the soccer cleats are in flight. We see the drone fully in action as it picks up the shoes and delivers them to a landing pad in the customer’s backyard.

The video certainly attempts to clear up some questions and concerns about Amazon’s drones. Jeremy is our tutor during the video explaining key details about the process. He points out that the drones weigh less than 55 pounds, fly under 400 feet for 15 miles, and carry packages that are no more than 5 pounds. Furthermore, they’re equipped with cameras and guiding systems to help avoid accidents in flight.

The safety and legality of the drones have been questioned for months now. Skeptics have brought up concerns about the drones crashing or potentially spying on the public. The FAA is still working out regulations for the drones but it seems like Amazon is definitely moving ahead with the project. They may not hit the sky in time for the holidays but rumors have hinted that the drones will be operational by summer 2016.