Audi Wants You To Be The First Off The Line With Its New Traffic Light Feature

Audi just changed the game by making traffic lights the least frustrating thing about driving.

The luxury car company has made their vehicles about much more than just driving, and the technology they incorporate is out of this world. Their latest feature, however, is sure to be a customer favorite.

Audi’s newest feature, “the traffic light information system,” will let drivers know when the traffic light they are at will change, making the world of instant gratification that much more real.


Once a vehicle is stopped at a red light, the feature will begin by showing the driver a countdown in the “heads-up display,” letting them know how long they have until the light turns green. If the vehicle is moving, the countdown will begin if the upcoming light will turn red by the time the car reaches it.

This feature will be available in certain 2017 models, so keep your eyes peeled for deals!