14 Dec, 2016

NFL Quarterbacks Of 2017 RANKED!

The New York Jets haven’t had a good season, and they definitely don’t have a quarterback who can lead them to victory. With a 58% pass-completion rate, only 574 passing yards, two touchdowns and four interceptions, Bryce Petty lands at the bottom of the list.

14 Dec, 2016

This Trick To Keep Your Sneakers Clean Is Kanye West Approved

Kanye West is one of the most outspoken rappers in the game, and he is not embarrassed to admit what he does to keep his insanely expensive kicks clean. So what does he do? He only wears his Yeezy Boost 350’s on pavement. No dirt is allowed on those precious sneaks! Kim Kardashian Snapchatted her […]

7 Dec, 2016

You’ll NEVER Take Off This Hoodie Once You See What It Can Do!

There aren’t many inventions that can keep you warm, give you a massage, correct your posture, and make you comfortable, but this amazing hoodie can! Tware, the Singaporean startup behind the AiraWear hoodie was recently featured on Kickstarter where it received over 200% in funding. The hoodie comes with detachable massagers and posture-correctors that cover […]

6 Dec, 2016

Retro Looks Are Back And This Suit Is A Gamers Dream Come True

In the 1980’s gamers were considered nerds but today they rule the world and are reinventing style. Recently, Pac-man debuted a stylish suit that displays the hungry yellow icon it’s colorful ghosts. Gamer’s who buy this suit will not be disappointed. The suit is fully backed by Pac-Man and designed by Opposuites who have created […]

2 Dec, 2016

This Super-Legit Lego Porsche Is Every Kid’s Dream Car

Legos and fast cars–it’s like every kid’s dream combined into the most EPIC toy of all time! Sports car enthusiast or not, the Lego Porsche GT3 RS is an awesome challenge for adults and kids alike. With 2,704 pieces, including a 6-cyinder engine with moving pistons and a working gearbox, this is clearly the Lego […]

30 Nov, 2016

McDonald’s-Lovers Rejoice! You Can Now Buy Big Mac Sauce At The Grocery Store

The secret ingredient that makes McDonald’s most delicious burger is now available for you to slather on everything. McDonald’s Special Sauce was just offered on sale in Australia for a limited time. And although it retailed for about $4.95 a bottle, each bottle may be worth even more now since only 4,000 bottles were ever made. While […]

28 Nov, 2016

Make Sure People Are There To Catch You If You’re Going To Crowd Surf

Learn from this guy the next time you want to try crowd surfing. A man in London expressed his excitement after the Birmingham City vs. Wolves Championship game by jumping into a crowd of roaring fans. The only issue is no one was ready to catch him. Facebook user, Matt Caswell uploaded the awkward incident […]

25 Nov, 2016

Rob Gronkowski Taking Ballet Lessons Will Be The Funniest Thing You See Today

It’s not unheard of for NFL players to take ballet lessons. After all, it helps with their coordination and balance, of course! Regardless of the reason, it is still pretty entertaining to watch big, burly men plié. And Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots was gracious enough to have his ballet lessons filmed for […]

22 Nov, 2016

Sriracha Packets Are Finally Here To Help Hot Sauce Lovers Live A Life Full Of Flavor

Sriracha fans can stop lugging around their clunky bottle because the beloved hot sauce is finally available in packets. The favorite sauce has become the standard condiment for all spicy food lovers in the U.S. It first caught on with a cult following in the 1980s, but today you can find it in every Chipotle […]

16 Nov, 2016

Watch These INSANE Skydivers Launch Into A Football Stadium

Fighter jets, fireworks, and blimps have become a staple at American sporting events. A championship game wouldn’t be the same without an opening from the military and a halftime show from a major celebrity. Recently, the University of Tennessee Springtime Scrimmage was kicked off in a memorable way with a rare sighting of America’s finest […]

15 Nov, 2016

This One-Legged Cancer Survivor PROVES He’s The ULTIMATE Ninja Warrior

If you’re looking for some motivation, look no further! You’re about to get inspired by one man and one man alone. Zach Gowen is a 33-year-old former WWE superstar, who was forced to overcome many hardships at a young age. When he was just 8-years-old, Gowen battled cancer and subsequently lost his leg. Gowen’s journey, […]

11 Nov, 2016

Scott Disick Stupidly Posts THIS On His Instagram

Scott Disick is the King of mess ups, and now he has managed to mess up one of the simplest things: Instagram. It’s no secret that celebrities get paid big bucks to promote products on their Instagrams, but how many of those celebrities are dumb enough to post the instructions? Just one, so far. Disick […]

10 Nov, 2016

Have Darth Vader And ‘The Death Star’ Make Your Breakfast Each Morning!

Start your day the Star Wars way…with the force! Regular toast is a thing of the past and breakfast just got much cooler thanks to this Star Wars toaster. You can choose between a Darth Vader toaster and a Death Star toaster, depending on your galactic needs. Darth will burn the words, “Star Wars“ into your toast, whereas the Death […]

9 Nov, 2016

BMW Celebrates 100 Years With The Most OUTRAGEOUS Concept Car

BMW is welcoming the Vision Vehicle concept car, and it is more futuristic than you could ever imagine! The Vision Vehicle slightly resembles cars that are on the road today, but the advanced technology used in its design will make anyone anxious for the future of automobiles. BMW has created a very detailed site where […]

8 Nov, 2016

Amazing Spiderwoman Climbs A Rock Wall So Fast You’ll Question The Laws Of Gravity

Nothing can hold this woman back, not even gravity! Iranian climber, Farnaz Esmaeilzadeh, was filmed as she destroyed a speed climbing event in Spain earlier this year. The video shows Esmaeilzadeh (also known as the Amazing Spiderwoman) literally, running up the wall at lightning speed. Try not to blink as you watch this video or […]

2 Nov, 2016

No One Flirts With The Camera Better Than This Guy At A Skateboarding Event

There’s nothing better than photobombers, and this bearded man at the Street League Skateboarding Convention takes the cake. The man who was filming the event panned the crowd and noticed two, very attractive women sporting Monster Energy gear. The flattered ladies blew kisses at the camera and posed with infectious smiles. What they didn’t realize, however, […]

31 Oct, 2016

Would You Pay $2.5 Million For THIS Watch?

Time is money—and apparently it’s worth $2.5 million. Or at least, that’s how much an anonymous bidder at the Phillips Hong Kong Watch Auction seems to think it’s worth. The ballin’ bidder walked away with some serious wristwear, a one-of-a-kind rose gold Patek Philippe reference 2499 watch. The watch is one of the rarest individual […]

28 Oct, 2016

This Porsche Dealership Just Experienced An Epic Parking FAIL

Handling a Porsche can be tricky if it’s your first time behind the wheel. But we expect a little more from a dealership that’s driving them around all day. Unfortunately for the Porsche of Amsterdam dealership in the Netherlands, they seriously misjudged their distance from the edge of the curb and set this Gulf-livery-themed 911 GT3 […]

24 Oct, 2016

This Incredible Ink Inspires Even The Biggest Commitment Phobe To Get Tatted Up With No Regret

Getting tattooed is so enticing, but the thought of spending thousands of dollars on painful removal treatments is not. If you’re looking to get inked, but don’t think you can make the commitment, you have to try this! NYU graduate and chemical and biomolecular engineer, Seung Shin just hit a gold mine with his alternative to […]

19 Oct, 2016

Channel Your Inner DJ With Pizza Hut’s New, Functional, Turntable-Box

Pizza Hut just made becoming a DJ so much easier than it already is. The fast food chain announced that they will be giving away functioning DJ equipment to select customers, which seems odd for a pizza restaurant to do. However, the kicker will tie it (somewhat) together: the pizza box doubles as a turntable. […]

17 Oct, 2016

Fan Gets A MAJOR Smackdown After He Jumps Into A WWE Ring

You should probably just watch a WWE match unless you’re looking for a smackdown, yourself. The WWE has a policy that forbids fans from jumping into the ring in an attempt to get in on the action, but that didn’t stop one fan from breaking the rules. The policy was put in place to protect the […]

13 Oct, 2016

This Woman’s Hilarious Attempt To Catch A Fly Ball Ends In A SPLASH

When it comes to catching fly balls at baseball games, use anything other than your drink tray. A baseball fan named Thea Vierling learned this lesson the hard way. During the San Franciso Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks game, a fly ball was hit in Vierling’s direction. So, she did the most logical thing she could do: […]

7 Oct, 2016

Kobe Bryant Has Taken Up A New And Relaxing Activity Since His Retirement

Kobe Bryant isn’t coaching basketball, taking up golf, or shooting blacktop hoops since his retirement. He has taken up meditation with his friend, Jackie Chan. The two friends vacationed to Taiwan, where the former NBA star was seen centering his chi. Photos were posted to NBA Taiwan’s Facebook page, and judging by his relaxed expression, […]

6 Oct, 2016

Chewbacca Mom Is Back — This Time She’s With James Corden!

As if Chewbacca mom’s life wasn’t already complete by the talking mask, now she gets to carpool with James Corden and none other than Star Wars director J.J. Abrams! The video portrays Chewbacca mom having the time of her life as she laughs and channels her inner Chewbacca in the company of James Corden and J.J. […]

21 Sep, 2016

The NBA’s Tallest Player Is Too Intimidating For Even The BEST To Face!

Remember when 6-feet was considered tall? Well, this NBA player puts 6-feet to shame! San Antonio Spurs player Boban Marjanovic is 7-feet-3-inches tall and towers over the competition. During a playoff game between the Spurs and the Memphis Grizzlies, poor Matt Barnes had to the face the jolly giant on an inbounds pass. Barnes, being 6-feet-7-inches […]

5 Sep, 2016

Live-Stream Your Adventures With LG’s Newest Camera

You no longer need a cellphone to stream your action-packed videos to sites like YouTube. Thanks to LG’s Action Cam and its wireless connectivity, you can send your offroading trip right to your friend’s computers. It’s almost like they’re with you, except they’re watching you from the comfort of their homes. The Action Cam provides […]

24 Aug, 2016

Little League Coach And His Son Share A Beautiful Moment Before He Pitches To The Last Batter

The Little League World Series is usually more entertaining than the professional World Series, but this time, it took an emotional turn. During the consolation game between Oregon and Italy on Monday, the coach of Oregon, Joel Jensen, made his way to the pitcher’s mound to offer some advice to his closer. The pep talk wasn’t […]

11 Aug, 2016

NBA Stars Cheering On Phelps And Ledecky Will Have You Feeling All Sorts Of Patriotic

The Olympics are without a doubt the most entertaining and exciting series of events to watch, but what makes it better is seeing how into it the crowd gets. Team USA’s basketball stars couldn’t contain themselves when swimmer Michael Phelps took home gold medals numbers 20 and 21, and while swimmer Katie Ledecky grabbed her […]

5 Aug, 2016

The New York Mets Should Think About Adding John McEnroe To Their Starting Line Up!

The New York Mets have hit some rough patches this season, but their special guest, John McEnroe who threw the first pitch, may be a good addition to their lineup. The 57-year-old, New York raised, former tennis star threw out the traditional first pitch before the Mets vs. Yankees game, and the result was not […]

1 Aug, 2016

Do THIS If You Want To Have A Body Like Thor!

If you want to look like Thor, you have to eat…a lot. Chris Hemsworth and his stunt-double, Bobby Holland Hanton have been working together since Snow White And The Hunstman, but Holland Hanton admits that achieving a body like Hemsworth is a lot of work. The Thor look-alike ate 35 times a day to get somewhat near […]

28 Jul, 2016

This NFL Athlete’s Four Legged Pal Is Always By His Side — Even On His Wedding Day!

A dog really is a man’s best friend. Jeremy Zuttah of the Baltimore Ravens couldn’t picture doing anything without his four-legged pal, Ace by his side, including getting married. The Ravens’ center went as far as changing reception locations so Ace could be part of the groomsmen party. The Under Armour Performance Center in Baltimore […]

25 Jul, 2016

Box Office Hit ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Was Ironically Funded With Stolen Money

We all know the The Wolf Of Wall Street is a true story, but who knew even the production company who funded the film was involved in some shady business? The Department of Justice filed a civil suit charging the production company, Red Granite Pictures, with illegally funding The Wolf Of Wall Street with stolen money. The film is […]

22 Jul, 2016

The Odell Beckham Jr. And Josh Norman Feud Is Far From Over

The division rivalry between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins just got a lot more real. Odell Beckham Jr. has caused some serious waves for the NFL, but not only for his impeccable talent. His mouth has gotten him into some trouble, and his beef with Josh Norman has carried over into the […]

18 Jul, 2016

Jeff Teague Is Going Back To Basics And Moving Into His Parents’ Basement

NBA player, Jeff Teague, was recently traded to Indianapolis Pacers. Along with moving back to his hometown, he will now have the pleasure of moving back in with mom and dad. He’s not really moving back into his parents’ home since he’s the one who purchased the house for them in the first place. He is merely going […]

29 Jun, 2016

You’ll NEVER Guess What Brings This Baseball Game To A Standstill For Five Minutes!

It wasn’t a streaker, a low-flying bird, or terrible weather — so what was it that could have possibly brought Sunday night’s MLB game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies to a halt? A clump of dirt was the pesky reason why the two teams were stopped for five, whole minutes. The dirt […]

28 Jun, 2016

Can Someone Tell Germany’s Soccer Coach To Stop Smelling Himself?

There’s nothing wrong with making sure you smell nice, but if you’re looking to check your scent make sure it’s not on live television. Germany’s soccer coach, Joachim Löw, apparently has a body odor issue, and can’t help but smell his pits. In the past, he has been caught scratching his butt on live television, and […]

27 Jun, 2016

J.R. Smith Has Been Shirtless For Days And President Obama Does Not Approve

The Cleveland Cavaliers just took home the NBA Championship, and J.R. Smith is so excited he hasn’t been able to wear a shirt for days! The tatted up guard for the Cavs has been strutting his stuff in public and leaving very little to the imagination (you’re welcome, ladies). https://twitter.com/cavs/status/745653042863816704 OK, now he's shirtless. A […]

21 Jun, 2016

This Popular Beer Just Got A Lot More Patriotic

“Pass me a cold America” will be said more often than not this summertime. Starting May 23rd, all Budweiser labels will be changed to say “America.” The company is raising the patriotic flag, even though they are owned by Belgians, and the new label will be available to purchase until the end of the Presidential election. What better […]

13 Jun, 2016

Steph Curry’s New Sneakers Are Ones Only A Father Could Love

Steph Curry’s new sneakers are not what the millennials would consider “hot,” but they certainly are dad-approved! The “UA Curry Two Low” kicks look like something out of the ’90s and would be perfect if you’re looking for extra arch support. The price is a steep $120, but don’t worry Steph, there are plenty of […]

10 Jun, 2016

Snoop Dogg Throwing The First Pitch Before This Baseball Game Will Make You LOL!

It is always entertaining watching celebrities throw the first pitch at baseball games, especially when that celebrity is Snoop Dogg. Snoop Doggy Dogg threw out the first pitch before the Braves vs. Padres game on Wednesday evening. Taking the mound at San Diego’s Petco Park Stadium seemed all too fitting for D-O double G, but […]

9 Jun, 2016

Wild Pitch Sparks Bench-Clearing Brawl Between The Orioles And The Royals

Baseball is starting to look a lot like hockey. On Tuesday evening, the Orioles took on the Royals, but a lot more went down than a normal 9-inning game. Shortstop for the Orioles, Manny Machado, was up to bat when the Royals’ pitcher, Yordano Ventura, hit Machado with a wild pitch. The 99 mph fastball […]

6 Jun, 2016

The Warriors Had Unlikely Hero Bring Them To Victory In Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Steph Curry may be the MVP, but Shaun Livingston is the one who brought the Warriors to victory in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The Warriors defeated LeBron James and the Cavaliers 104-89, and standout veteran, Shaun Livingston had much to do with the victory. He scored a total of 20 points, 4 rebounds, […]

27 May, 2016

Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Frontman Has An Odd New Hairdo

When you’re looking for a change, why not change your hair? But if you’re going to do that, make sure it’s a good change. Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ frontman Anthony Kiedis recently fell ill to a severe case of the stomach flu, which forced him to cancel many RHCP concerts. Fortunately, Kiedis is now feeling […]

21 May, 2016

Justin Bieber And Skrillex May Be Saying ‘Sorry’ For Copyright Infringement

Justin Bieber is back in hot water, but this time, he has Skrillex boiling with him. The DJ and pop singer may have to apologize for their Billboard hit, “Sorry.” According to recent reports, the two are being sued for copyright infringement, and claims say the introduction’s vocal riff was ripped off by artist White […]

17 May, 2016

You May Confuse Baseball For UFC After Watching THIS!

Blue Jays’ right fielder, Jose Bautista got a rude awakening Sunday night during a game against the Rangers. During the game, Bautista slid hard into second base. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but because there is a chance that the infielder can endure a career-ending injury, a slide like that is […]

10 May, 2016

This ‘Tron’ Inspired Roller Coaster Will Make You Think You’re In The Movie!

Shanghai Disney Resort just became everyone’s top vacation spot. Why? Because the Tron inspired roller coaster will make you think you’re in the movie! The “Tron Light Cycle Power Run Ride” has tons of strobe lights, twists and turns, and futuristic elements that will give you the urge to book your trip to China as soon as […]

25 Apr, 2016

Spike Lee Throws Honors Prince In The Best Possible Way

Yesterday the world shook as we learned about the death of Prince – a musical legend and genius. Hearts broke everywhere, but instead of mourning the loss of his life, people wanted to celebrate it! Dance parties broke out in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and the singer’s home state of Minnesota. Director Spike Lee took to […]

18 Apr, 2016

An Astronaut Plans To Run The London Marathon While In Space!

It’s beyond impressive when people run and complete marathons, but to do it from space? Now that’s out of this world! British astronaut Timothy Peake is Britain’s first official astronaut, and he is the second astronaut to run a marathon while in space. The International Space Station treadmill was used to get Peake prepared for […]

8 Apr, 2016

This ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Teaser Is About To Blow Your Mind

If you couldn’t get enough of the latest Star Wars craze with “The Force Awakens” you’re in luck–the teaser trailer for “Rogue” was just released. And J.J. Abrams is already amping fans for the next part of the epic saga. If there was any question of who the main character of this part of the […]

5 Apr, 2016

These NBA Giants Were Just Added To The Basketball Hall Of Fame

Some of the biggest, er, tallest men in NBA history were announced in the latest class of Basketball Hall of Famers. Yao Ming, the 7-foot-6 center, and Shaquille O’Neal the 7-foot-1 center, who dominated four NBA titles were among the top of the class. But one player seemed to get a lot of attention for […]