Do THIS If You Want To Have A Body Like Thor!

If you want to look like Thor, you have to eat…a lot.

Chris Hemsworth and his stunt-double, Bobby Holland Hanton have been working together since Snow White And The Hunstman, but Holland Hanton admits that achieving a body like Hemsworth is a lot of work.

The Thor look-alike ate 35 times a day to get somewhat near Hemsworth’s size.

Holland Hanton’s diet is made up of natural nuts, boiled eggs, grilled chicken and turkey. Not only is his diet super dedicated, but his workouts are too.

Check out Holland Hanton’s insane workout and SHARE if you are working towards a body like Thor!


A video posted by bobbydazzler84 (@bobbydazzler84) on


A video posted by bobbydazzler84 (@bobbydazzler84) on