Embrace Your Bromance! Scientists Say It Will Improve Your Health


It turns out that a bromance can help relieve stress and create an overall better life. A study at the University of Berkley used rats to discover that animals are in fact less stressed when they have companionship.

The scientists caged rats together and gave them mild stressors to study their reaction. Their findings showed that rats with roommates displayed a lower level of stress than secluded rats.

What can bros learn from the study? Rats and mice have a similar brain make-up to humans, which shows us that humans may be able to handle stress better if they confide in their bros.

Nonetheless, when the stress level was increased in the cage, the rats had the opposite response. Researchers compared this finding to PTSD when humans become despondent after experiencing a major stressor.

It science! If you’re feeling a little bit stressed then your best bet may be to turn to your friends.