Gatorade Wants Football Fans To Relive This Star’s LEGENDARY Career

Peyton Manning will forever be one of the greatest quarterbacks to take the field. But, during his career the AFC champ made headlines for both football wins and personal losses. Allegations of sexual misconduct and HGH use began to haunt Manning towards the end of his career. It’s easy for pro-athletes to fall into the rumor trap and Manning’s family and friends vouched he was just another victim.

His classic Super Bowl victory silenced the gossip and recently Gatorade decided to boost his image by releasing a touching video that shows the impact of his career. It turns out, Manning uses his hands to throw a ball and pick up pen. The commercial shows that he is quite the writer who sends poignant letters to his co-workers who have stuck by him for so many years. Take a look at the special commercial to hear the kinds words Manning has said throughout his career.