Internships Are Changed FOREVER! You Can Now Drink For Credit

Every year, the dreaded summer internship steals sunny days from thousands of college students. They trade their vacation for low pay and class credit while gaining a little bit of “experience.” But, there is hope! A Florida beer company is transforming the summer internship by paying students to drink and travel!

World Of Beer, a southern craft beer chain, is going to hire three lucky college interns to spend four months traveling and taste testing beers at breweries and festivals. The chain will pay the interns $12,000 and cover their travel expenses and food. In return, the students have to update a blog on the many beers that they’ve tasted and tested.

It’s safe to say that this beer company may get an application from just about every college student in America. Is this the beginning of a new trend? Hopefully, larger beer companies will run with the idea and let dozens of students travel the world.

world of beer