Jeff Teague Is Going Back To Basics And Moving Into His Parents’ Basement

NBA player, Jeff Teague, was recently traded to Indianapolis Pacers. Along with moving back to his hometown, he will now have the pleasure of moving back in with mom and dad.

He’s not really moving back into his parents’ home since he’s the one who purchased the house for them in the first place. He is merely going to be occupying their basement.

“I bought a home here some years back, and when I re-signed back with Atlanta, I just decided I was going to live in Atlanta and just gave the house to my mom and dad,” Teague said. “Now I’m going to live back in my old house with my mom and dad.”

Jeff Teague is 28-years-old and has no shame about moving in with his parents and plans to stay with them for the entire season. “I just have the basement,” he said. His parents rightfully reside in the master bedroom.