Justin Bieber And Skrillex May Be Saying ‘Sorry’ For Copyright Infringement

Justin Bieber is back in hot water, but this time, he has Skrillex boiling with him.

The DJ and pop singer may have to apologize for their Billboard hit, “Sorry.” According to recent reports, the two are being sued for copyright infringement, and claims say the introduction’s vocal riff was ripped off by artist White Hinterland.

Hinterland’s single, “Ring the Bell” was recognized by Rolling Stone in February of 2014 as their favorite song and album of the month.

“The vocal riff is a qualitatively and quantitatively distinct and integral element of ‘Ring the Bell’,” said Hinterland’s lawyer. “It provides the introduction and primary musical motive for the structure of the song.”

Below is a copy of the lawsuit, and naturally, Skrillex and Bieber have not commented on the matter.

Listen to the two songs below and decide if you think they sound a little too similar.