LeBron James’ Nike Contract Takes Celeb Endorsements To A Whole New Level!

Nike isn’t shy about wanting LeBron James to rep their sneakers for the rest of his life, and they certainly are not shy about what they plan to pay him.

During an interview with GQ magazine, James’ manager and friend Maverick Carter gave some insight to what the NBA superstar will be receiving from Nike. “Kanye said a billion,” Carter said. “So a billion it is.”

Ironically enough, the Cavaliers are worth exactly $1 billion, which is who LeBron plays for. His endorsements with Nike put him on a whole different level than what other athletes are typically paid to support a product.

It is without question that James’ popularity and talent exceed most, but is he worth $1 billion? Some say yes, others say no. We say we can’t wait to see the new collection of custom kicks!