MMA Fighter Suffers SHOCKING Injury And Will Undergo Major Surgery

MMA fighting is a dangerous sport, and athletes know the risks they’re taking when entering the ring. However, I don’t think anyone imagined an injury like this would ever occur.

Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos suffered a, literally, crushed skull at the hands (or knee) of MMA fighter, Michael “Venom” Page. The injury took place in London and occurred after Page landed a flying knee strike to Santos’ head.

Cris Justino, Santos’ ex-wife, was horrified by the news and immediately took to social media to spread the word about the GoFundMe page she put together for his injuries. “There is worry the brain can continue to swell, causing more damage,” Justino wrote. “Please show your support for the fighters and share!”

The video footage of the injury is stomach turning, so view it at your own risk.