Next Season You’ll Be Able To Watch NFL Games LIVE From Your Twitter Feed

It’s not like the NFL to give things away for free. Luckily this one’s in writing. For the 2016 season, the National Football League will stream 10 Thursday night football games for free from Twitter.

“The NFL and Twitter will provide free, live streaming video of Thursday Night Football without authentication to the over 800 million registered and non-registered users worldwide on the Twitter platform on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and connected TVs,” the league said.

As for financial details of the Twitter/NFL deal, we have yet to hear how the league and the social network plan to include advertisers and profit from live streaming. But with NFL broadcast contracts set to expire in 2021, who’s to say Twitter won’t take the bait to buy?

Maybe the reported net loss od $90 million Twitter reported might be a budget concern.

As for us, we’ll be wondering how to live tweet the game while live streaming…. #firstworldproblems.