12 Sep, 2016

Your Jaw Will Drop When You See What Strolled Onto A Florida Golf Course

This alligator looks like something straight out of Jurassic Park. Don’t golf at Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Palmetto, Florida unless you don’t mind your rounds being interrupted by a 16-foot-long alligator! “He has been here for a very, very long time. He’s not new at all,” said Pro shop clerk Wendy Schofiel. “He doesn’t bother anybody […]

5 Sep, 2016

Live-Stream Your Adventures With LG’s Newest Camera

You no longer need a cellphone to stream your action-packed videos to sites like YouTube. Thanks to LG’s Action Cam and its wireless connectivity, you can send your offroading trip right to your friend’s computers. It’s almost like they’re with you, except they’re watching you from the comfort of their homes. The Action Cam provides […]

1 Sep, 2016

Tom Brady’s Bad Hair Cut Is The Newest Star Of Internet Memes

The good thing about a bad hair cut is that it always grows back. Unless you’re a celebrity — then the bad haircut lasts forever. The New England Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady recently held a press conference regarding the upcoming season and his 4-game suspension because of Defelategate. Even though the topic at hand was important, […]

30 Aug, 2016

Two Bats Score More Than The Ravens And Lions During Their Preseason Game

Well, that’s one way to end a play. On Friday night during the Baltimore Ravens-Detroit Lions preseason game, two bats were seen having sex in the end zone of the field. They were probably just looking for a quick score, but nonetheless, they should have been more private if they wanted to fornicate. People paid […]

29 Aug, 2016

Ryan Reynolds Sends Hilarious Birthday Tweet To Blake Lively AND Billy Ray Cyrus

Ryan Reynolds is who we should all strive to be when posting tweets. Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively, shares a birthday with Billy Ray Cyrus. Instead of ignoring Cyrus on such a special day, which I’m sure many people have since Blake Lively graced the world with her presence, Reynolds decided to include him. The actor […]

26 Aug, 2016

Katie Ledecky Asks Bryce Harper To Hold Her Medals Because She’s A Boss

Katie Ledecky’s neck must hurt from wearing all her Olympic medals. The Olympic swimmer was the guest of honor at the Washington Nationals baseball game on Wednesday, and what better way to honor her than to have her throw out the first pitch? Throwing the first pitch served no problem for Ledecky, but the only […]

24 Aug, 2016

Little League Coach And His Son Share A Beautiful Moment Before He Pitches To The Last Batter

The Little League World Series is usually more entertaining than the professional World Series, but this time, it took an emotional turn. During the consolation game between Oregon and Italy on Monday, the coach of Oregon, Joel Jensen, made his way to the pitcher’s mound to offer some advice to his closer. The pep talk wasn’t […]

23 Aug, 2016

Speedo Drops Ryan Lochte After Robbery Hoax, But Will Others Follow Suit?

It was only a matter of time before Ryan Lochte started losing endorsements, and Speedo is the first company to drop the Olympic swimmer. With allegations of fabricating a robbery story in Rio hanging over his head, Ryan Lochte has officially been dropped by Speedo. The swimwear brand announced their decision on Twitter by stating, […]

19 Aug, 2016

Will Smith Performs ‘Miami’ For The First Time In Years At ‘Suicide Squad’ Party And The Crowd Goes Wild!

Nothing gets the party going better than Will Smith’s 1997 hit, “Miami.” The actor turned rapper, turned actor again hasn’t performed his summer banger in years, but that all came to an end at the Suicide Squad promotional party. Smith shocked the crowd and his co-stars when he jumped on stage and broke right into “Miami.” Judging […]

13 Aug, 2016

Michael Phelps And Ryan Lochte Eating Spaghetti In An Ice Bath Is The Definition Of A Perfect Bromance

Olympic swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte have a bromance to be jealous of. Ryan Lochte recently posted a photo to Instagram of him and his fellow gold-medal-winning pal munching on some spaghetti while ice bathing, and no, they aren’t ice bathing together. Judging by the photo the two friends look ecstatic, but I doubt […]

12 Aug, 2016

Pirates Fan Fails To Catch Foul Ball But Succeeds At Catching Nachos With His Face

What happens when you’re trying to catch a foul ball, but you don’t want to lose your food? You try to do both! A poor Pirates fan gave his best effort trying to catch a foul ball that was hit right in his direction. Unfortunately for him, his hands were already occupied by a serving […]

11 Aug, 2016

NBA Stars Cheering On Phelps And Ledecky Will Have You Feeling All Sorts Of Patriotic

The Olympics are without a doubt the most entertaining and exciting series of events to watch, but what makes it better is seeing how into it the crowd gets. Team USA’s basketball stars couldn’t contain themselves when swimmer Michael Phelps took home gold medals numbers 20 and 21, and while swimmer Katie Ledecky grabbed her […]

10 Aug, 2016

Tim Tebow Wants A New Career And This Time He’s Got His Eye On The (Base)Ball

Tim Tebow is looking to broaden his resume and add “professional baseball player” to his most current careers. This may seem funny to some, but the 29-year-old college football analyst was an All-State baseball player in 2005 and had an impressive batting average of .494 when he was only a junior. Sources say he has […]

8 Aug, 2016

Dropping His Racket Is No Obstacle For This Olympic Tennis Player

Mistakes happen, but true Olympians can handle even the worst mishaps with grace and triumph. Japanese tennis star, Kei Nishikori was matched up against Spanish player Albert Ramos-Vinolas on Saturday when something unimaginable happened: he dropped his racket. Like the true Olympian he is, Nishikori quickly grabbed his racket, managed to retrieve the ball, and score a […]

5 Aug, 2016

The New York Mets Should Think About Adding John McEnroe To Their Starting Line Up!

The New York Mets have hit some rough patches this season, but their special guest, John McEnroe who threw the first pitch, may be a good addition to their lineup. The 57-year-old, New York raised, former tennis star threw out the traditional first pitch before the Mets vs. Yankees game, and the result was not […]

1 Aug, 2016

Do THIS If You Want To Have A Body Like Thor!

If you want to look like Thor, you have to eat…a lot. Chris Hemsworth and his stunt-double, Bobby Holland Hanton have been working together since Snow White And The Hunstman, but Holland Hanton admits that achieving a body like Hemsworth is a lot of work. The Thor look-alike ate 35 times a day to get somewhat near […]

28 Jul, 2016

This NFL Athlete’s Four Legged Pal Is Always By His Side — Even On His Wedding Day!

A dog really is a man’s best friend. Jeremy Zuttah of the Baltimore Ravens couldn’t picture doing anything without his four-legged pal, Ace by his side, including getting married. The Ravens’ center went as far as changing reception locations so Ace could be part of the groomsmen party. The Under Armour Performance Center in Baltimore […]

26 Jul, 2016

Justin Timberlake And Steph Curry Doing ‘The Carlton’ Will Make You Want To Be Part Of Their Bromance

  Justin Timberlake and Steph Curry just look like people you would want to be friends with, but watching them do “the Carlton” together solidifies that assumption. During the American Century Championship golf tournament, the pop sensation and basketball superstar did more than swing their drivers. Alfonso Ribeiro, the originator of “the Carlton” on The Fresh […]

25 Jul, 2016

Box Office Hit ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Was Ironically Funded With Stolen Money

We all know the The Wolf Of Wall Street is a true story, but who knew even the production company who funded the film was involved in some shady business? The Department of Justice filed a civil suit charging the production company, Red Granite Pictures, with illegally funding The Wolf Of Wall Street with stolen money. The film is […]

22 Jul, 2016

The Odell Beckham Jr. And Josh Norman Feud Is Far From Over

The division rivalry between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins just got a lot more real. Odell Beckham Jr. has caused some serious waves for the NFL, but not only for his impeccable talent. His mouth has gotten him into some trouble, and his beef with Josh Norman has carried over into the […]

20 Jul, 2016

MMA Fighter Suffers SHOCKING Injury And Will Undergo Major Surgery

MMA fighting is a dangerous sport, and athletes know the risks they’re taking when entering the ring. However, I don’t think anyone imagined an injury like this would ever occur. Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos suffered a, literally, crushed skull at the hands (or knee) of MMA fighter, Michael “Venom” Page. The injury took place in London […]

19 Jul, 2016

Adorable Kid Goes Through Major Mood Swings During 18-Inning Baseball Game

Baseball games can get boring, especially if they go into extra innings. A young boy at the Washington Nationals–Pittsburgh Pirates game Sunday afternoon experienced every possible emotion during the 18-inning game. He experienced happiness, sadness, excitement, boredom, and exhaustion during the 5-hour and 48-minute game. His feelings couldn’t be more justified, as we all know […]

18 Jul, 2016

Jeff Teague Is Going Back To Basics And Moving Into His Parents’ Basement

NBA player, Jeff Teague, was recently traded to Indianapolis Pacers. Along with moving back to his hometown, he will now have the pleasure of moving back in with mom and dad. He’s not really moving back into his parents’ home since he’s the one who purchased the house for them in the first place. He is merely going […]

4 Jul, 2016

Michael Phelps Is The FIRST Male Swimmer To Make FIVE Olympic Teams!

Michael Phelps has left his mark on American history, but not just for his 18 Olympic gold medals. The Olympic swimmer is now the first American male to make five Olympic teams during his career. Phelps came in first with a time of 1:54:84 during the men’s 200-meter butterfly U.S. Olympic trials, which solidified his […]

29 Jun, 2016

You’ll NEVER Guess What Brings This Baseball Game To A Standstill For Five Minutes!

It wasn’t a streaker, a low-flying bird, or terrible weather — so what was it that could have possibly brought Sunday night’s MLB game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies to a halt? A clump of dirt was the pesky reason why the two teams were stopped for five, whole minutes. The dirt […]

28 Jun, 2016

Can Someone Tell Germany’s Soccer Coach To Stop Smelling Himself?

There’s nothing wrong with making sure you smell nice, but if you’re looking to check your scent make sure it’s not on live television. Germany’s soccer coach, Joachim Löw, apparently has a body odor issue, and can’t help but smell his pits. In the past, he has been caught scratching his butt on live television, and […]

27 Jun, 2016

J.R. Smith Has Been Shirtless For Days And President Obama Does Not Approve

The Cleveland Cavaliers just took home the NBA Championship, and J.R. Smith is so excited he hasn’t been able to wear a shirt for days! The tatted up guard for the Cavs has been strutting his stuff in public and leaving very little to the imagination (you’re welcome, ladies). https://twitter.com/cavs/status/745653042863816704 OK, now he's shirtless. A […]

23 Jun, 2016

Jimmy Kimmel Delivers The ULTIMATE Father’s Day Prank That You NEED To See To Believe!

Father’s Day came and went, but not without a prank from our favorite jokester, Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel is known for having parents “eat” their children’s Halloween candy and film the reactions, but now he has expanded his victim list to the dads of the world. Jimmy instructed his viewers to have a game of catch […]

21 Jun, 2016

This Popular Beer Just Got A Lot More Patriotic

“Pass me a cold America” will be said more often than not this summertime. Starting May 23rd, all Budweiser labels will be changed to say “America.” The company is raising the patriotic flag, even though they are owned by Belgians, and the new label will be available to purchase until the end of the Presidential election. What better […]

20 Jun, 2016

Steph Curry Will NOT Be Playing In The Olympics And Here’s Why

If you were planning on watching the Rio Olympics to see Steph Curry play, you better make other arrangements. The NBA superstar announced on Monday that he will not be playing for Team USA during the 2016 Summer Games in Brazil due to a sprained knee, which he suffered in the first round of the […]

14 Jun, 2016

Apple May Be Replacing The ‘Space Gray’ iPhone With THIS Awesome New Color

As if there weren’t already a thousand rumors surrounding the new iPhone 7, now you can add this one to the list. The Japanese Apple fan blog, Macotara, has a history of reporting on Apple products and updates before they are released by the company, and the “predictions” tend to be pretty accurate. Now, the […]

13 Jun, 2016

Steph Curry’s New Sneakers Are Ones Only A Father Could Love

Steph Curry’s new sneakers are not what the millennials would consider “hot,” but they certainly are dad-approved! The “UA Curry Two Low” kicks look like something out of the ’90s and would be perfect if you’re looking for extra arch support. The price is a steep $120, but don’t worry Steph, there are plenty of […]

10 Jun, 2016

Snoop Dogg Throwing The First Pitch Before This Baseball Game Will Make You LOL!

It is always entertaining watching celebrities throw the first pitch at baseball games, especially when that celebrity is Snoop Dogg. Snoop Doggy Dogg threw out the first pitch before the Braves vs. Padres game on Wednesday evening. Taking the mound at San Diego’s Petco Park Stadium seemed all too fitting for D-O double G, but […]

9 Jun, 2016

Wild Pitch Sparks Bench-Clearing Brawl Between The Orioles And The Royals

Baseball is starting to look a lot like hockey. On Tuesday evening, the Orioles took on the Royals, but a lot more went down than a normal 9-inning game. Shortstop for the Orioles, Manny Machado, was up to bat when the Royals’ pitcher, Yordano Ventura, hit Machado with a wild pitch. The 99 mph fastball […]

6 Jun, 2016

The Warriors Had Unlikely Hero Bring Them To Victory In Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Steph Curry may be the MVP, but Shaun Livingston is the one who brought the Warriors to victory in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The Warriors defeated LeBron James and the Cavaliers 104-89, and standout veteran, Shaun Livingston had much to do with the victory. He scored a total of 20 points, 4 rebounds, […]

27 May, 2016

Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Frontman Has An Odd New Hairdo

When you’re looking for a change, why not change your hair? But if you’re going to do that, make sure it’s a good change. Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ frontman Anthony Kiedis recently fell ill to a severe case of the stomach flu, which forced him to cancel many RHCP concerts. Fortunately, Kiedis is now feeling […]

24 May, 2016

Draymond Green’s Unfortunate Groin Kick Sparks Hilarious Memes

An incident isn’t funny unless memes are made from it! During Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors, karate-kicked Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder, in a place down under. Mondays https://t.co/PM4detHzjw — DraftKings (@DraftKings) May 23, 2016 This is not the first time Green’s knee, or […]

21 May, 2016

Justin Bieber And Skrillex May Be Saying ‘Sorry’ For Copyright Infringement

Justin Bieber is back in hot water, but this time, he has Skrillex boiling with him. The DJ and pop singer may have to apologize for their Billboard hit, “Sorry.” According to recent reports, the two are being sued for copyright infringement, and claims say the introduction’s vocal riff was ripped off by artist White […]

19 May, 2016

LeBron James’ Nike Contract Takes Celeb Endorsements To A Whole New Level!

Nike isn’t shy about wanting LeBron James to rep their sneakers for the rest of his life, and they certainly are not shy about what they plan to pay him. During an interview with GQ magazine, James’ manager and friend Maverick Carter gave some insight to what the NBA superstar will be receiving from Nike. “Kanye […]

17 May, 2016

You May Confuse Baseball For UFC After Watching THIS!

Blue Jays’ right fielder, Jose Bautista got a rude awakening Sunday night during a game against the Rangers. During the game, Bautista slid hard into second base. This may not seem like that big of a deal, but because there is a chance that the infielder can endure a career-ending injury, a slide like that is […]

10 May, 2016

This ‘Tron’ Inspired Roller Coaster Will Make You Think You’re In The Movie!

Shanghai Disney Resort just became everyone’s top vacation spot. Why? Because the Tron inspired roller coaster will make you think you’re in the movie! The “Tron Light Cycle Power Run Ride” has tons of strobe lights, twists and turns, and futuristic elements that will give you the urge to book your trip to China as soon as […]

6 May, 2016

Ford Melted Vintage Looks And New-School Lines Into A Sleek Mustang Hybrid

Ford teamed with the National hall of Fame Museum to honor 50 years of automotive innovation with a new mustang concept model. Teams took cut a 1965 Mustang down the center and fused it with half of a 2015 Mustang. The project was part of the museum’s Property Power Exhibit in Alexandria, Virginia. Fans were […]

5 May, 2016

J. Crew’s CEO SHOCKED The Real Estate World By Selling This INSANELY Lavish Apartment

J. Crew is a favorite hot spot for mall goers and its CEO is clearly benefitting from the store’s immense popularity. The fashion world is not sure how much money Mickey Drexler is taking in each year but he recently listed his beautiful Manhattan apartment for $30 million. The five-bed-room home spans 9,000 square feet […]

4 May, 2016

These Crazy Soccer Fans Created An EPIC Game Of Thrones Mascot

The entire world is hooked on Game of Thrones and some wild Kansas City soccer fans decided that winter should come early! The local MLS team dubbed “The Cauldron” proudly welcomes their fans to the “Blue Hell.” What better mascot could represent the blue hell than a fierce White Walker from Game of Thrones? Fans […]

2 May, 2016

Gatorade Wants Football Fans To Relive This Star’s LEGENDARY Career

Peyton Manning will forever be one of the greatest quarterbacks to take the field. But, during his career the AFC champ made headlines for both football wins and personal losses. Allegations of sexual misconduct and HGH use began to haunt Manning towards the end of his career. It’s easy for pro-athletes to fall into the […]

26 Apr, 2016

Bumble Is About To Mess With Your Dating Game In A MAJOR Way

If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. That’s the motto as of Monday with the dating app Bumble. Bumble broke ground as one of the first apps to have women make the first move. But now, it’s putting the pressure on guys to follow up within 24 hours or they’ll lose their potential match. […]

25 Apr, 2016

Spike Lee Throws Honors Prince In The Best Possible Way

Yesterday the world shook as we learned about the death of Prince – a musical legend and genius. Hearts broke everywhere, but instead of mourning the loss of his life, people wanted to celebrate it! Dance parties broke out in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and the singer’s home state of Minnesota. Director Spike Lee took to […]

20 Apr, 2016

Tesla’s Autopilot Saves Driver’s Life In This Gut-Wrenching Video!

Accidents happen, but not if you drive a Tesla! This gut-wrenching video captured Tesla’s Model S Autopilot vehicle strategically moving out of the way to avoid colliding with a truck. The driver, Joshua Brown, recounted the incident on YouTube by writing, “I actually wasn’t watching that direction and Tessy (the name of my car) was […]

19 Apr, 2016

New Ford Vehicle Will Drive For You When It’s Too Dark To See

A lack of visibility will no longer be an issue for drivers who hate being on the road at night! Ford Motor Company has successfuly developed a new self-driving Fusion that will guide you through complete darkness. The Ford Fusion is complete with LiDAR sensors that allow the vehicle to see in pitch-black conditions. The […]

18 Apr, 2016

An Astronaut Plans To Run The London Marathon While In Space!

It’s beyond impressive when people run and complete marathons, but to do it from space? Now that’s out of this world! British astronaut Timothy Peake is Britain’s first official astronaut, and he is the second astronaut to run a marathon while in space. The International Space Station treadmill was used to get Peake prepared for […]