Pirates Fan Fails To Catch Foul Ball But Succeeds At Catching Nachos With His Face

What happens when you’re trying to catch a foul ball, but you don’t want to lose your food? You try to do both!

A poor Pirates fan gave his best effort trying to catch a foul ball that was hit right in his direction. Unfortunately for him, his hands were already occupied by a serving of nachos and a beer.

If you couldn’t guess what happened next, it’s safe to assume the poor guy wound up with a face full of nacho cheese. “Nachos. Face full of nachos, cheese, and salsa. Beer went flying. That is a classic,” said Pirates announcers Greg Brown and Bob Walk.

The Pirates’ official Twitter shared a picture of the fan with a caption that said, “We got you, dude. Good effort.” At least he got a shout out from his favorite team!


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