Sriracha Packets Are Finally Here To Help Hot Sauce Lovers Live A Life Full Of Flavor

Sriracha fans can stop lugging around their clunky bottle because the beloved hot sauce is finally available in packets. The favorite sauce has become the standard condiment for all spicy food lovers in the U.S. It first caught on with a cult following in the 1980s, but today you can find it in every Chipotle restaurant.

The hot sauce company started to tease the news of the new packets on Facebook earlier this week with vague sayings like, “2016 is about to get spicier…Hot news coming.” Their parent company, Huy Fong, even started the hashtag, #StaySpicy.

If you’re a Srircha lover then you can now have it on the go for roughly $14.99. Orders can be placed online for boxes of 50 or 200 packets.