Steph Curry And Chance The Rapper May Have Unintentionally Started A New Dance Move

What’s better than a grown man dancing and singing about BBQ and foot massages? Steph Curry and Chance The Rapper dancing and singing about BBQ and foot massages.

The 2016 ESPY Awards served as a very emotional evening for athletes and attendees. Although some were brought to tears, Chance The Rapper and Steph Curry did their best to bring smiles to their fan’s faces.

Chance The Rapper posted a short video on his Twitter page, which featured him and Steph Curry singing about barbeques and foot massages, all while performing a side-step dance and finger snap.

The dance move is surprisingly catchy, and there will certainly be people dancing to it at the clubs. But where did the dance moves and lyrics come from?

They come from Jones’ Good Ass BBQ And Foot Massage: the restaurant where Mr. Jones will fry up anything on the and give you a foot massage.

What a time to be alive.