Tattoo Artists Sue NBA 2K16 For Use Of Artwork In Video Games

NBA  2K is all about the details. But it looks like those small details are what’s getting them into big legal trouble.

A lawsuit from tattoo artists at Solid Oak Sketches claims that developers at Visual Concepts and Take-Two Interactive did not properly license the tattoo art before releasing the game. Now, the companies may have to pay up to $1. 14 million and face a permanent injunction that could impede Take-Two from selling more copies of NBA 2K16.

Solid Oak Sketches owns the copyrights to eight designs on a number of players in the video game, namely LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

EA Sports has previously avoided putting tattoos on players in recent releases of Madden unless the player has a release waiver from the artist. Colin Kapernick is one of the few players to ensure his tattoos are covered.