This Incredible Ink Inspires Even The Biggest Commitment Phobe To Get Tatted Up With No Regret

Getting tattooed is so enticing, but the thought of spending thousands of dollars on painful removal treatments is not. If you’re looking to get inked, but don’t think you can make the commitment, you have to try this!

NYU graduate and chemical and biomolecular engineer, Seung Shin just hit a gold mine with his alternative to permanent tattoo ink.

The new ink called Ephemeral is non-permanent and will last on your body for about a year. Once the year has come and gone, so will your tattoo!

Ephemeral uses small dye molecules, as opposed to traditional ink, which allows the body to dissipate the tattoo over the course of a year.

Shin hopes to launch Ephemeral in tattoo parlors by the fall of 2017 and the cost will be between $50-$100 for an average size tattoo.

Finally, a product for people who want ink, but are too nervous to commit!