This NFL Athlete’s Four Legged Pal Is Always By His Side — Even On His Wedding Day!

A dog really is a man’s best friend.

Jeremy Zuttah of the Baltimore Ravens couldn’t picture doing anything without his four-legged pal, Ace by his side, including getting married.

The Ravens’ center went as far as changing reception locations so Ace could be part of the groomsmen party. The Under Armour Performance Center in Baltimore didn’t mind Ace tagging along with Zuttah and his beautiful bride, Heran Haile, so the couple decided it would be the perfect place for the wedding.

“He’s with us every day everywhere we go,” Zuttah said. “I thought everyone was crazy about their dog like I am.”

People may not be as crazy about their dogs as the Zuttah family, but Ace sure is lucky to have doggy-parents like them! Congratulations to the happy family: Jeremy, Heran, and Ace.