THIS Trans Am Just Got A Major Upgrade!

Who could forget the iconic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that was featured in the 1977 film Smokey And The Bandit? Certainly not Burt Reynolds!

Thanks to the actor, and the company Trans Am Depot, the car is back, but it is new and improved! Trans Am Depot introduced a limited Trans Am SE Bandit Edition, which is modeled after the Pontiac Trans Am that revolutionized sports cars. “That car is what we used as a starting point,” a representative of Trans Am Depot explained. “It’s gotta’ be modern where people look at it and know what it is.”

Burt Reynolds was a major influence in the design of the new vehicle, and the company says that its production would not have been possible without his input. Reynolds has autographed all 77 of the Trans Am SE Bandit Editions that will eventually go on sale.

Check out this video of Burt Reynolds introducing the new Trans Am SE Bandit Edition and share with your friends who love cars!