This Woman’s Hilarious Attempt To Catch A Fly Ball Ends In A SPLASH

When it comes to catching fly balls at baseball games, use anything other than your drink tray.

A baseball fan named Thea Vierling learned this lesson the hard way. During the San Franciso Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks game, a fly ball was hit in Vierling’s direction. So, she did the most logical thing she could do: attempt to catch the ball with her cup of beer.

If it weren’t for the intense impact, she would have successfully caught the ball. But, the force from the ball broke her cup and wound up drenching her (as well as everyone around her) in a beer shower.

Although the ball went astray after smashing through the cup of beer, Thea still was able to recover it in the stands.

Don’t waste your beer next time, just bring a baseball glove!