Watch This Tesla Park Itself After One Swipe On An Apple Watch

Elon Musk has set out to make the future better with Tesla by combing horsepower with eco-friendly efficiency. As it turns out, the Tesla is not only making the world cleaner, but also much more convenient. If you have the money for an Apple Watch and a Model S, then you’ll never have to start your car again.

A third party app called Remote S now lets Tesla owners summon and move their Tesla without ever stepping foot inside the vehicle. The app was invented by, Allen Wong, an iOS developer. His feature also let’s drivers see a summary of the cars performance such as the charging status, position, and temperature.

Tesla owner, Mark Schey, showed the full capability of the futuristic app recently in a short video that captures his Tesla automatically opening his garage door and parking itself in the driveway.

The app is a pretty impressive step towards self-automated vehicles. But, until Tesla releases an inexpensive model, it’s safe to say that the feature is only available to the wealthy.