You Can Run A Full Marathon In This Designer’s Futuristic Suit

Suits are not the most comfortable attire in your closet and yet you typically wear them to extremely uncomfortable events. Businessmen and women have known the struggle of a daily work suit for far too long. Sitting at a desk all day in a wool suit will inevitably end in a wrinkled and potentially sweaty mess. Also, wedding and prom tuxes are supposed to hold up during partying and dancing but you always end up un-tucking and re-tucking all night.

Finally, a team at a Massachusetts-based company has combined some of the best fabric technologies in the world with top designer looks to transform the suit forever. Ministry Supply has revolutionized the traditional suit with fabrics for athletes and even astronauts.

Take a look at the Esquire video that captured the advanced technologies behind the project. You won’t believe some of the combinations these designers have created!