Your Childhood Dreams HAVE Come To True In The First Ball Pit Bar


All your favorite memories as a kid have been combined with the amazing perks of being an adult. A brilliant pop-up bar in San Francisco just combined balls and booze for an epically colorful drinking experience.

The insane two-night event took over a year to come together. But, after many donations and the help of Forward Motion, the Romper Room was able to rent 40,000 balls.

They hosted all ages to give everyone a chance to have some fun in the endless ball pit. It wasn’t a shock that the crowds poured into the bar and made the weekend a giant hit.

On organizer said that guests jumped through the balls with giant smiles on their faces. “My inner child is so happy right now,” said one giddy attendee.

Watch this amazing video that captured the greatest bar event to hit the bay area!